My Core Values

These five guiding principles are at the heart of how I live my life and how I approach my practice. This is what they each mean to me.


Without hope, there is no living. Without living, there is no joy. In despair, when all hope seems lost, there is still a tiny flicker that can be nurtured. I have faced my own adversity and hopelessness. In a world where hope often seems elusive, I search for positive outcomes in each situation in my own life, and can guide you to find your hope again.


Sincerity encompasses many others core values, including openness, genuineness, honesty, integrity, trust, authenticity, and straightforwardness. We are challenged daily to be our true selves—to intentionally live these values. I bring my true self to each session and support you to be true to yourself always. It is when we both bring sincerity to our sessions that the magic happens!


Resilience is essential for hope and sincerity. It is the capacity to reach your breaking point, and then recover from painful life transitions. To adapt to change, and, ultimately, regain a positive outlook and your personal truth. The simple fact that I do this work is a testimony to my own resilience. I never gave up on myself and I will never give up on you. I have witnessed countless clients draw upon their resilience, and transform their lives from unbearably painful to incredibly meaningful and fulfilling. When you are suffering, your first step in healing is to accept support—you don’t have to go it alone


Dignity is a birthright. As my client and as a person, you deserve to be seen, valued, heard, validated, and supported regardless of your life circumstance. Not because of something you have done or attained, but because you are alive. I honour your story, your uniqueness, and your diversity without judgment. I offer a safe place to land during a turbulent flight, and walk with you as you journey through difficult terrain.


I owe this to you. Without expertise, I cannot be true to any of my core values or provide you with the benefits of my services. Not only professional expertise, but also the personal expertise that comes with living a hard-knock life and learning to thrive. Life is the best education if you are willing to be open to change, transformation, and growth. I offer you the opportunity to learn and grow with me.

When you are ready to find your hope again, I invite you to call me at 902-445-4100

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