What is Palliative Care?

Many of my clients express having felt complete shock and overwhelming fear the first time they were referred to as ‘palliative’. The terms ‘palliative’ and ‘hospice’ are often incorrectly equated with ‘terminal’, ‘dying’, or ‘untreatable’. While these comparisons can sometimes be accurate, many people live full lives for months or years after a palliative diagnosis.

‘Palliative’ Definition: Minimizing the progression of a disease and relieving undesirable symptoms for as long as possible, rather than attempting to cure the (usually incurable) disease. ~ Wiktionary

The videos below, courtesy of Canadian Virtual Hospice, beautifully portray Katie’s experience of palliative care. Each person’s experience is unique. My goal is to provide each of my clients the opportunity to explore their needs, goals, and dreams while living their own palliative journey.


Learning about the true meaning of “palliative care” from Canadian Virtual Hospice on Vimeo.

Needing honest conversations about palliative care from Canadian Virtual Hospice on Vimeo.

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